Photo Above: The NEM region of Australia

This page gives links to, and samples of, data on electricity generation in the NEM region of Australia, covering the states of South Australia (SA), Victoria (VIC), Tasmania (TAS), New South Wales (NSW, including ACT) and Queensland (QLD).

NEM = National Energy Market, but it only covers the interconnected grid of Eastern and South-Eastern Australia, WA and NT have separate grids.

AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator)

Current and recent demand and price data are available as plots and CSV files here:

Click on the desired state to get the plots, examples of which are shown below:



Files of various types of data associated with electricity are archived for public access here:

  • Dispatch SCADA files give the separate power figures, at 5-minute intervals, for all NEM generators. Note: these are not fixed length records, and there is no guarantee I can see that the order of the generators will stay the same. Sometimes a generator is missing from the list, and its entire entry is missing, rather than numeric values set to zero, these files need some non-trivial software to deal with in bulk.
  • Operational DEMAND gives the total demand figures for each region (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS), at 30-minute intervals
  • DispatchIS_Reports gives data on each of the interconnectors, at 5-minute intervals. The entries called “MeteredMWFlow” appear to give MW figures that when added to SCADA supply figures give the operational demand figures.

Sadly a real-time monitoring website run by mwheeler is no longer available.


Plots of recent electricity supply data for specific regions and generators can be obtained at this website:

The following figure shows a sample plot:


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