This page gives information about the electricity system of Ireland.

The island of Ireland is relatively small in comparison with typical “flat-pressure” areas of the atmosphere, such as High pressure systems. This fact has ruled out the “wind is always blowing somewhere” argument of wind power proponents. Total wind power in Ireland can all but vanish for long periods (see the example below), such that there is a 98% demand rule: whatever the peak demand is for a particular year, conventional sources will be required at some time to provide 98% of that peak demand in that year, unless that particular high demand cold spell falls on a weekend or a holiday:

The following link provides real-time status information about Irish electricity generation:

Sample wind power 30-day history on 30th December 2018, with zero marked more clearly than on the website:


NOTE: Eirgrid have changed their wind power display recently to allow it to show NEGATIVE amounts of wind power, see below for how it was before this bizarre change was made.

Sample screenshots. from 30th November 2016 at 16:15 pm:



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