Estimating Wind Power from Synoptic Charts

This post will evolve over the next week or two to test how well wind power can be deduced from synoptic charts, using the period of the following weather forecast for Australia:


Source of the figure above:

A large High pressure system is moving over South Australia, which means that wind power in that state may drop to very low levels, whilst that in Tasmania may be higher. This hypothesis will be tested using archived data files from AEMO, and plots of wind power output from Anero (see the NEM ELECTRICITY DATA page of this blog for links).

Recent synoptic chart for Australia:


High pressure is also building over the UK, the weather will be cold, with light winds, how much wind power will there be?


More to follow …

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1 Response to Estimating Wind Power from Synoptic Charts

  1. Greg Kaan says:

    A timely post with a reactor at Torness going offlne last week due to seaweed clogging the cooling intakes. It looks like very calm conditions across northern Europe over the next few days.


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